Do Stripes Make A Room Look Bigger Or Smaller?

Do you also want your home to look bigger? Of course, why not? Everyone wants their home to look roomy or spacious, even if it is not. But how is it possible? So, say no to fret!! Because stripes patterns are here to help you in this task. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to know the tips and tricks on how stripes work to make a room seem smaller or larger. Whether it is thin or thick, horizontal or vertical, or has warm or cool colors, the stripes pattern never misses the chance to fool the eye regarding the size of the room.

Stripes are the best and endlessly versatile option for beautiful internal design. They are fun, playful, and keep your eyes stimulated! Whether it is a wall, pillow, curtain, or chair, stripes do more than you think to a room that needs freshness. Moreover, you can create your dream house from a classic royal theme to a colorful minimal theme. Let’s plunge into the other sections to know the different effects of different stripes. As a bonus reward, you will also get to know about the five tips for using stripes in your home. Hope you will find this post interesting! 

Effects of stripes

Stripes are mainly classified into two types, horizontal and vertical. Talking about the vertical stripes, whether broad or narrow,  always give a long and tall illusion to your space. Basically, many interior designers use vertical stripe wallpapers to add more height to the room. But how do vertical stripes show up this effect? These strips draw attention toward the ceiling area, and that’s how they create this fake illusion. 

On the other hand, horizontal stripes, whether wide or narrow, makes every wall of the home looks more comprehensive than it actually is. The horizontal stripe running from side to side on a wall can increase the perceived width of that wall by leading the eye to the nothingness at the end of the stripe.

Do you know?

  • If the stripe is high on the wall and is the same color as the ceiling, it can make the ceiling surface appear more prominent and farther away, increasing the room’s perceived size.
  • If the stripe is in a high-contrast color to the walls and is above the middle of the wall, it can make the walls appear shorter and the room smaller.

Frequently asked questions related to the stripes: 

1. What kind of stripes make a room look bigger?

Undeniably, striped patterns work like wonders when it comes to adding a visual effect to your room. Generally, the horizontal stripes widen a small narrow space, and in turn, vertical stripes make a low ceiling seem taller. If you want your room to look bigger without any thought, vertical stripes should be the first preference. Moreover, you should also consider the color pattern and choose cool colors such as green, blue and purple that appear to recede from view. Subsequently, Make the base color a darker shade than the striped color, and paint broad stripes that add height and width to the room.

2. How to make your room look smaller?

If you want your room to appear smaller than it is, don’t paint vertical stripes on the wall or use vertically striped peel off wallpaper. Choose patterns and prints instead; they will make the wall seem smaller and more crowded. Use warm colors such as red, orange, and bright yellow to give the walls a cozy effect. If you must paint stripes, make the base color brighter than the striped color; it will seem as if the stripes are being pushed out from the wall.

Five tips for using stripes in your home 

  • Using stripe patterns on the whole bonus walls of your home is a crazy idea. It feels so irritating and crowded. Additionally, this type of design can get loathsome fast if used in excess. So, plan and choose accordingly. 
  • Experts from believe that you should always consider adding striped accessories to enhance monochromatic schemes. Using striped bedsheets, rugs, vases, or other accents is a great way to include striped patterns in your area. 
  • Instead of choosing horizontal or vertical stripes for the wall, you can choose striped pattern furniture that will ultimately help your room to look bigger or longer. 
  • The key to make your room seem bigger is to use two tones of the same color. If you decide on two opposite colors, the stripes can make a room look smaller or shorter.
  • As prints go, stripes are relatively simple which makes them a great candidate for combining with other less versatile prints. 

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