Best Magnetic Screen Doors to Cool Your Home in the Summer

A screen door is one of the essential home accessories for any house owner. But the best magnetic screen doors that have hit the shelves in recent years, far outshine the classic, old, odd-looking, and always squeaking screen doors.

Best Magnetic Screen Doors for High Traffic Entry Points

1. MAGZO Magnetic Screen Door

MAGZO has a wide range of magnetic screen doors. No matter what size your door is, chances are you’re going to find the right fit within MAGZO’s lineup.

The mesh is fiberglass, which is quite durable for use all year round. This design also displays impressive windproofing, which makes it even better if you live in an open area.

Although very dense, the mesh allows plenty of air to get in. It is not a darkened screen that obstructs sunlight either. I also like the hands-free operation. It should be most helpful to kids and small pets that would otherwise lack the strength to open a traditional screen door.

The whole thing sits on sticky rolls and some small push pins. It takes minutes to install, and you shouldn’t require any help either, thanks to the screen door being on the lighter side.

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  • Hasp design for windproofing
  • Dense fiberglass mesh
  • Very easy to install
  • Hands-free opening
  • Not for those that want extra privacy

2. Flux Phenom Reinforced

Flux Phenom makes one of the more affordable magnetic screen doors. This door features a reinforced frame and a heavy-duty mesh. The mesh won’t allow slugs and other small critters to enter your home.

At the same time, the mesh is very dense and fitted with 26 magnets for superior wind resistance. However, it’s super easy to open even for pets and kids.

The design sees a hanging screen door, rather than your traditional fixed screen door. That gives it a more appealing look and also makes it easier to operate.

Even though the curtain has a higher thread count, the reinforced edges maintain the extra weight without issue. I would also like to point out that unlike other models in this price range, this screen door is also retractable.

So, in theory, there’s no need to uninstall it once the warm season’s over.

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  • High thread count
  • Great windproofing
  • Retractable design
  • Keeps the smallest mosquitoes out
  • May sometimes stick if you have a steel door frame or door

3. AUGO MS Door

If you’re looking for something that can improve the airflow while also slightly obstructing the view from the outside in, AUGO has you covered. Its magnetic screen door is ideal for keeping bugs and insects outside and casting a shadow inside your home.

I find this a good screen door for use in an urban area with a lot of prying eyes. Another cool feature is the Velcro strips. These can help keep the screen door open when you’re greeting guests or when it’s very windy outside.

Otherwise, the door is easy to go through. Walk right through the middle, and it will open and close on its own. Pushpins are all you need to keep the screen door in place. And, to make things even better, AUGO includes some replacement pins too.

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  • Magnets run the entire edge of the mesh
  • Velcro strips
  • Extra push pins included
  • Hands-free operation
  • Only available in the 38”x83” size

4. Homearda Door

You can find this in two sizes, 34”x82” and 36”x82”. I will admit that this is not a lot of variety. If your door does adhere to these sizes, I suggest you take a closer look at what Homearda has to offer.

The screen door is cheap and made of a tight fiberglass mesh. I like the use of gravity sticks at the bottom. These provide balance and enough weight to help with wind and draft.

The magnets are also sewn inside the reinforced edges. That makes the screen door more durable and also improves the closing mechanism.

To install it, all you need to do is stick the Magic Adhesive Tape that surrounds the frame to your door frame. However, note that it won’t be that easy to remove. I would recommend this as a permanent setup and not as a seasonal screen door.

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  • Extra weight added at the bottom
  • 26 magnetic strips
  • Reinforced seams
  • Slightly adjustable width and length
  • Not easy to remove once installed

5. iGotTech

Designed with a full-frame seal and to fit most doors up to 34”x82”, the iGotTech Magnetic Screen Door is one of the best models on the market. It has a very tight seal that’s surprisingly easy to push open even by smaller pets.

That said, due to the design of the curtain and placement of the magnets, wind or draft won’t blow the curtain open. Hook and loop seals sit along the frame for quick installation and extra security.

Twenty-six magnets surround the frame at critical points. That ensures a quick closing mechanism as well as extra stability and balance.

The mesh itself is very rugged and seems to have better scratch resistance. What’s even better, iGotTech also provides an installation tutorial to make things easier for you. Unlike most magnetic screen doors, this model requires some special tricks.

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  • Very rugged mesh
  • Optimal magnet placement
  • Slightly adjustable curtain
  • Great at keeping insects out
  • Not the most intuitive installation method

6. Homitt

Soft to the touch and very breathable, this magnetic screen door is adjustable and fits a wide range of door openings. It’s there for all types of doors, including both interior and exterior doors. You can even install it on glass doors.

You can attach the curtain easily with push pins, and it shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes. I like this because it also means that it’s easy to remove. So, if you’re not interested in a permanently installed magnetic screen door, this could be the model for you.

The magnets are powerful and ensure a rapid closing mechanism. However, in some situations, this may also cause the magnets to stick to the door frame. If you don’t have a metal door frame or door, you won’t have to worry.

Another thing I like is the use of gravity sticks at the bottom of the curtain. That improves wind resistance considerably.

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  • Gravity sticks included
  • 26 magnets
  • Soft to the touch
  • Durable thin mesh
  • Powerful magnets that could stick to a metal door or frame

7. Apalus Fiberglass

Due to the way you install it, you can use the Apalus screen door on any door. That includes both traditional or sliding variants. The quick close mechanism works like a charm thanks to the ideal positioning of the magnets.

That said, because the curtains fit doors of multiple sizes, it may be challenging to obtain an airtight seal on the frame. However, it is not entirely impossible.

There are extra magnets at the top of the screen door. They will give the curtains better stability and make it easier for you and your pets to open the door just by walking into it.

Although the mesh is very tight, the airflow obtained is superior to the majority of similar models in this price range. At the same time, it’s small enough to prevent flies and mosquitoes from going through.

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  • High-quality magnets
  • Extra magnets at the top
  • Windproof
  • Fits a wide range of door openings
  • Might not have the most airtight fit

Long-Term and Short-Term Considerations

Ease of installation is critical if you don’t plan on keeping your magnetic screen door on year-round. If you don’t want to take it off, then going through a more complex installation process shouldn’t be an issue.

The same goes for durability. A sturdy screen door is mandatory if you want to keep it in place all year round. That said, if you only want to use the door for the entirety of the summer, then you should probably opt for a cheaper model.

Even budget screen doors should handle three months of light rain and sun exposure without failing.

There are two popular methods of installing a magnetic screen door. You can either stick it to your door frame or use pushpins. The latter is what I recommend if you want to struggle to remove it once you don’t need it anymore.

Where You Live Matters Too

Do you live in a city or a rural area? Do you need a magnetic screen door for your beach house? Location is everything when choosing a screen door.

For example, you may prefer a more transparent screen door if you have a beautiful beach property or a mountain cabin. Transparency equals view. At the same time, you might also want the screen to have tight weaving so that it won’t easily allow dust and sand inside.

Many homeowners in big cities prefer 1uite the opposite. In high-traffic areas, people want their privacy. So, a darker screen would make more sense. You would still be able to open the door but obstruct people’s view of the inside of your home.


Wear and tear resistance is one thing. But, what you may want to consider is scratch resistance. It can help protect the door against your pets or neighborhood pets.

I would also recommend a flame-resistant screen door in certain situations. For example, they might be handy on the patio or in the kitchen if the kitchen opens into the yard.

Certain materials are more durable than others and handle stress better. But screens feature a wide range of materials, so it’s hard to classify them accordingly. Besides, say a screen is made of nylon. There are many types of nylon out there.

However, even using the same category of nylon or any other fabric, may not yield the same result. That genuinely depends on the manufacturer’s process.

You can find mesh curtains that are just as rigid as the meshes of traditional screen doors. However, I think that it’s the flexibility factor that makes the most significant difference. I find it that flexibility equals more resistance to wear and tear in the long run. It also ensures that the curtains won’t fly off the frame if you rush through them.

Extra Perks and Design Features That Help

Manufacturers usually take one of two approaches with the magnets. Some run thin magnetic strips along the entire frame of the magnetic screen doors. Other manufacturers place individual magnets in various positions.

Sometimes there are extra magnets at the top, to prevent the curtains from flying off when you run through them.

Another design feature I find desirable is gravity sticks. These sticks also sit in the curtains frame. They’re used to add weight at the bottom and improve the wind and draft resistance of the screen door.

This feature is also useful if you’re not careful when pushing curtains to the sides. Magnetic screen doors usually have quick closing mechanisms. However, powerful magnets could get attached to other metal surfaces before actually closing the curtain behind you.

As such, a balance between the magnet’s power, positioning, and overall curtain weight is a must if you want to avoid these situations.

Magnetic Screen Doors Are Not Novelty Accessories

This type of curtain is so much better than your traditional rigid screen door. It is a lot easier to install, flexible and durable, and more eye-catching. It can be the best way to bring fresh air into your home without letting nasty pests inside.

You can find them in adjustable or precise sizes. Various designs are available, as well, depending on what suits your needs better. Are you ready for an upgrade?