Baby Birth Announcement Cards you’ll Love

When you are expecting or have a recent addition into the family or are adopting a bundle of Joy, you will presumably need to share the thrilling news about the first look of your child and introduce your baby to your family and friends. One approach is to send customized pregnancy and baby announcement cards that you could get designed by the card designer.

You might have photographs and pictures from pregnancy or your baby’s photoshoot, or you might have caught a few adorable photos straight after the birth of your newborn. You can also use those pictures as your theme for the announcement cards. You could just transfer these from your phones or from your camera to the designers in minutes online and choose a card design that suits the design you are looking for. You can also customize the font on the card and add a personal message to give a word right from your heart, so people know how happy you are.

There are certain ideas of birth announcement cards that you can try- 

Handwritten name card-

This is one of the most popular cards that people choose when they are announcing the birth of their baby. As you know, many people name their baby even before their birth, so if they are announcing their pregnancy, they send a pregnancy announcement card to their family and loved ones. Mention the name of the kid you will welcome on a card with their handwritten font. This way, they are able to share the news and the name of the baby by adding a personalized handwritten name to show how much you care for your baby.

If you have already welcomed the baby to your home and you want to make the baby birth announcement to the rest of your family and friends who will be the baby’s family for life, then the first introduction can be done with this card. You can choose a picture from the baby’s birth, or you can have a photo selected from the baby’s photoshoot and get it printed on the card. After the photo is printed, you can introduce your baby’s name with his or her photograph to the world, especially your loved one’s and to the people who care.

Big overlay-

This is a card that is chosen by parents who have already had kids before. When you welcome the new baby to your home, you tend to capture every moment of happiness that you feel at that time. For many, this is the moment that causes a professional photo shoot to capture the happiness they are feeling to its true potential. You can use these photos for the card mentioned here. This card has the option of taking in more than one photo in it. So you can select two to three photographs from your photoshoots in a way that your kids and the baby’s siblings are the ones introducing the new addition to your family. You can print so you can see all your Joy in one card. The name of the newborn can be printed in Big fonts with the complete family name so your friends and family can feel an instant connection with the new Joy you are welcoming into this world. Your friends and family would love to see all your kids in one frame and will also feel included when you send them this card. The bond that forms between siblings and then your baby can be seen by everyone you care for, and they can revert with their blessings and love for these kids. 

Twinkle twinkle

This baby birth announcement template is very rare and unusual. Not many people who are fond of getting photos printed on the cards would like this template. This template is very important for those who want to add details about the baby and their birth story, and how they feel. The card has a very small space for getting your baby’s photo printed. So you can have one shot at the best baby picture you have from the baby’s photoshoot. The template as a base of this photo is a starry night, where your baby appears as the moon in the sky. This is the best design if you are looking to get some details of your baby printed.


It is important to know that anything you do should have some personalization attached to it and partake in each design beforehand. There are not one but many websites offering various designs. Before choosing a card design or template, it is recommended that you look for different stores that can give you options. Also, see to it that you go for online stores that have positive reviews from their customers.